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Zeeshan Ahmed, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and Core Member
Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research.
Department of Medicine, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences

zahmed@ifh.rutgers.edu, (848) 932-5866

Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed is Assistant Professor of Medicine and Core Member at the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research; Department of Medicine, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, which is the part of Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. His lab is doing research with focus on intelligent and multi-functional systems development for integrative healthcare, genomics and metabolomics data analysis to discover disease biomarkers and different forms of phenotypic information for advanced diagnostic and personalized treatment in Precision Medicine. His research objectives include, modelling clinical, genomics and metabolomics data to find statistical patterns across millions of features to identify underlying biologic pathways, modifiable risk factors and actionable information that supports early detection and prevention of complex disorders, and development of new therapies for better patient care.

Earlier joining to the Rutgers University, Dr. Ahmed was associated as the Assistant Director Bioinformatics: Medical Dean’s Precision Medicine Program at the School of Medicine, and Assistant Professor at the Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences, University of Connecticut Health Center, CT. He has proficiency in designing HIPAA-compliant and Big Data analytics platforms, and have hands-on experience in dealing with the practical issues associated to high-throughput data of enormous size and diversity. He has been working on the developmental aspects required for the Health-IT and genomics systems including datacenters, translation engines, data warehouses, data marts, and several data analytic tools and pipelines. He has authored over 50 peer-reviewed publications as the main author, which include manuscripts published in scientific journals, books, patent and proceedings.

Dr. Ahmed completed his Ph.D. / Doctor of Science in Bioinformatics with Magna Cum Laude at the Department of Bioinformatics, Biocenter, University of Wuerzburg, and the Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Munich, Germany. Subsequently, he started his post-doctoral research in genomics at the Department of Neurobiology and Genetics, Biocenter, University of Wuerzburg. Later, after couple of years, Dr. Ahmed was moved to US and continued his post-doctoral research and scientific software development at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, CT. He previously did pre-doctoral thesis and course work with distinction in Artificial Intelligence at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria; pre-doctoral research at the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering, Germany; Masters of Science in Computer Science with major in Artificial Intelligence from Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden; and Masters, and Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from the University of Central Punjab, Pakistan.

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